Assertion when using multiple material layer instances in a landscape material

UE - LD & Modeling - Terrain - Landscape - Jan 3, 2023

Only exactly matching structures are considered compatible

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Compiler - Dec 31, 2022

in UE 5.0.2 open TestActor Blueprint compile correct.  but in UE 5.1 Blueprint Compile not correct ...

Content Browser filters don't save their state

UE - Editor - UX - Dec 16, 2022

Content Browser filters don't save their state anymore. This is a regression from 5.0 ...

Custom Primitive Data changes done in the details panel on a placed BP Static Mesh resets to 0 after modifiying it

UE - Rendering - Dec 16, 2022

Custom Primitive Data values don't stick when editing them in the detail panel on a placed BP actor containing a Static Mesh Component. ...

CachedMaxDrawDistance value are not updated by CullDistanceVolume in persistent Level

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Composition - Dec 16, 2022

in PIE, RerunConstructionScript() is executed and actor's CachedMaxDrawDistance is updated as expected. in packaged game, RerunConstructionScript() is not executed  so, CullDistanceVolume is not u ...

Imported meshes with hierarchical structures below lodGroup are not imported correctly

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Import and Export - Dec 16, 2022

All meshes under lodGroup are not imported, only some of them. If all meshes are merged into one, the imported meshes will be output correctly. ...

Merge actor issue with similar materials

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Merge Actor - Dec 16, 2022

Investigate if iOS Remote Mac builds can be made without VisualStudio

UE - Platform - Mobile - Dec 16, 2022

Currently, to build an iOS only app via Window's Remote Mac build system, Visual Studio needs to be installed, even though it isn't used to compile the iOS app.  Verify why VisualStudio is needed fo ...

Editor Utility Nested in Expandable Area Causes Editor Crash

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Dec 15, 2022

A 'user-created' widget in the body of an Expandable Area of an Editor Utility Widget causes a crash, after selecting 'Run Editor Utility Widget'. ...

Rotation gizmo doesn't respect Absolute Location

UE - Editor - Framework - Editor Gizmos - Dec 15, 2022

The editor gizmo appears to be erroneously changing the location of child components with absolute location when their rotation is adjusted. This is inconsistent with the behavior when changing rota ...