ICVFX Editor window blinking and render nodes hitching at the end of every Take Record

UE - Virtual Production - Tools - Multi-user - Feb 10, 2024

After a take record within multi-user has completed recording, and with Toggle Multi User Take Recorder Sync enabled, any other control boxes with the ICVFX window open to UV view will flash with th ...

GPU particles disabled on Quest

UE - Niagara - Feb 9, 2024

GPU particles were disabled on Quest 1 due to a compute issue. We need to validate / fix issues for Quest 2 / Quest 3. Reported in [Link Removed] ...

Minimap artifacts with water

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Partition - Feb 9, 2024

Foliage Instanced Actor Created Outside Level Instance when moving Base

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Level Instances - Feb 9, 2024

Improve DOF on flickering nanite geometry

UE - Graphics Features - Feb 9, 2024

TLDR: need replace DOF's TAA pass with a TSR pass that support Circle of Confusion, and better wuality by having one of each for foreground, slight focus, and background  ...

empty default value for a blueprint member variable in a custom k2node

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Feb 9, 2024

User is attempting to find a blueprint member variable's default value in their implementation of UK2Node::NotifyPinConnectionListChanged(). but the expected value in FBPVariableDescription is empty ...

Node errors that block compilation aren't output in compiler results log

UE - Anim - Rigging - Control Rig - Feb 7, 2024

Errors from EdGraph nodes aren't being piped into the compiler results log.  This can make it difficult to track down what's broken in larger rigs. ...

Editor crashes when replacing Packed Level Actor assets during asset deletion process

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Level Instances - Feb 6, 2024

NMT_Failure message not received on client when listen server shuts down

UE - Networking - Feb 6, 2024

Shutting down a dedicated server seems to result in the expected behavior, where both messages are received, but it may be possible for the circumstances causing the issue to occur on a dedicated se ...