Crash with geometry collection in es3.1 preview

Physics - Destruction - Dec 22, 2020

LandscapeComponent LodBias doesn't work

Tools - Landscape - Dec 17, 2020

Crash when enabling HZB occlusion culling

Rendering - Dec 16, 2020

Enabling HZB Occlusion culling results in a reproducible crash. Looks like a community member noticed this back in preview 2: ...

The LOD is not reflected in Shadow when r.ForceLODShadow is set

Rendering - Dec 16, 2020

When I looked into this feature, I noticed that ForceLOD was not set by the code below. Therefore, I confirmed that only Shadow can change LOD by changing as follows.[Link Removed] ...

Fbx import has some scale differences

Tools - Import - Dec 15, 2020

A licensee has forwarded an fbx that came out of Nuke. I think the animation is importing into Sequencer correctly, but the objects seem to be scaled. If I take the fbx into Maya and then reexport i ...