Audio playback does not function when streaming video with the media player asset

DevTools - Plugins - Jun 22, 2015

Video streamed through the media player asset is not accompanied by audio. The issue occurs for all supported video formats. Currently this has only been tested with streaming via URL due to UE-7078 ...

Packaging with Code Editor plugin crashes and then fails to build

DevTools - Plugins - Jun 18, 2015

Packaging with the [experimental] Code Editor plugin enabled causes a crash during the packaging process in 4.8 source. The crash does not kill the editor, project can recover by choosing for Window ...

Plugin OculusAudio module could not be found when packaged through UFE in binary

DevTools - Plugins - Jun 3, 2015

This issue also occurs This is the same error as in UE-14948. Discovered by a user on AnswerHub, I was able to reproduce this error in today's 4.8 branch, CL 2575437 Attached to his thread is the ...

Packaging a game with the Leap and Paper 2D plugins turned off will result in errors on launch of the packaged game

DevTools - Plugins - May 21, 2015

If the user disables a plugin that is on by default and then packages that game out for windows they will receive an error upon launching the packaged game ...

Crash with Twitch Live Streaming Plugin

DevTools - Plugins - May 12, 2015

The user is trying to get the Twitch LiveStream Plugin to work. After reading through some more recent Forum posts as well as the initial implementation of the Plugin within the release notes, it is ...

Support for content-based plugins incl. packaging

DevTools - Plugins - May 20, 2013