Fbx re-import material issue on LOD 1 and more

Tools - Import - May 13, 2019

When the material order of embedded fbx LOD change differently in LOD 0 and LOD 1, the LOD 1 is wrongly assign when re-importing. ...

Importing through Python doesn't allow the user to set the import options.

Tools - Import - Mar 29, 2019

The attached script should import the provided Alembic cache but the import options specified in the script are not passed to the importer resulting in improper data. ...

New animations not added when making changes to FBX files from blender

Tools - Import - Mar 8, 2019

When adding new animations to a blender fbx file (via the new actions feature) the editor does not appear to add the new animations to the content browser when changes are imported. ...

Importing through Python fails

Tools - Import - Feb 20, 2019

Version 4.21:The script result in popping the Alembic Import windows instead of a silent importThe provided options are ignored by the importer.  Version 4.22: Results in the provided callstack wi ...

Off by one in skeletal animation length

Tools - Import - Feb 14, 2019

Data Table Reimport - No popup to specify source file

Tools - Import - Feb 6, 2019

Selecting Reimport on a DataTable created in editor no longer triggers selection popup. "The change in behavior seems to be related to changes to UReimportDataTableFactory::CanReimport() which now ...

Importing specific Alembic geometry cache fails

Tools - Import - Oct 3, 2018

According to Licensee this problem seems to be caused by the time to sample the data. By changing the time to frame number, the import seems to be successful. \Engine\Plugins\Experimental\AlembicI ...