Geometry asset is tiny when importing a .udatasmith file from 3DS Max 2019

UE - Editor - Datasmith - Exporters - Sep 27, 2018

The user set up 3DS Max for centimeters and didn't do any pivot rotation. When exporting with the FBX the results are fine, but with DataSmith it is tiny for the actual geometry. This issue was re ...

SketchUp models are too small once imported via the Datasmith plug-in

UE - Editor - Datasmith - Exporters - Sep 24, 2018

In Sketchup the user made a cube thats 100cm x 100cm x100cm and has Sketchup's measure units set to cm. When imported into DataSmith the cube is 39x39x39. It was calculated that the scaling was off ...

Datasmith imports glossiness Texture as a Normal Texture

UE - Editor - Datasmith - Exporters - Sep 6, 2018

The Datasmith Importer for 4.20 (4.20E2) imports Glossiness Textures as Normal Maps. This is a regression from 4.19.2 (0.182) as Glossiness Textures were imported as World Textures ...

Datasmith is failing in converting UCX geometry to collision shells from Sketchup

UE - Editor - Datasmith - Exporters - Aug 21, 2018

Importing a Sketchup file that has the 'UCX_' prefix for collision, the collision is not imported into the Editor. Instead it is imported as a Static Mesh Actor. This is happening in both 4.19.2 ( ...

Animation FBX export is broken for ThirdPersonCharacter

UE - Editor - Datasmith - Exporters - Jul 20, 2018

It seems like the animation fbx exporter is broken. The mesh is exported just fine and can be imported in any application without issue. As soon as the animation is exported the mesh becomes broken ...

[Sketchup]-Different groups names in Outliner and Content Browser

UE - Editor - Datasmith - Exporters - Jul 19, 2018