Seems a bug in UClass::SetSparseClassDataStruct

UE - Foundation - Core - Mar 25, 2021

The LoadTimeFile argument crashes package at startup

UE - Foundation - Core - Feb 1, 2021

Latent Actions do not execute if the blueprint name contains non-english characters

UE - Foundation - Core - Oct 27, 2020

REGRESSION: Issue started occurring with 4.25.4 Blueprints with non-English characters in their name will not trigger latent actions. The following warning appears in the log in this case: LogScr ...

Low-level memory tracking has negative values for "FMallocUnused" and "Untracked"

UE - Foundation - Core - Oct 6, 2020

"FMallocUnused" is immediately bellow 0. "Untracked" is reported to go below 0 after very long playtimes (over 36 hours). Reported in version 4.25.3(CL 13942748). Tested and found negative values f ...

UE4 Scene Crashing upon opening

UE - Foundation - Core - Sep 15, 2020

The user first launched his project and received an error on his HDD and UE4 crash with the default scene. He was able to open the project successfully a second time and opened the "Library Scene" ( ...

Templated enum GetValueAsString function returns incorrectly formatted string

UE - Foundation - Core - Aug 19, 2020

For many years there has been a static function on UEnum called GetValueAsString which would convert an enum like EAttachmentRule::KeepWorld to the string "KeepWorld", if you passed in the explicit ...

Cruncher Sharp Double click navigation doesnt work

UE - Foundation - Core - Aug 12, 2020

[Image Removed] [Image Removed] I suspect this came in at 13550642 where I created a more separated data/view model ...

IoStore: Can not update localization asset when change culture.

UE - Foundation - Core - Aug 12, 2020

It can't be updated localization assets when enabled IOStore. When disabled IOStore, it'll be able to update localization assets. ...

Crash launch application adding .umap url

UE - Foundation - Core - Aug 6, 2020

The application crashes when adding ".umap" to the launch map at application launch. If not specify ".umap", it will be able to launch application. There appears to be a failure to parse the URL. Th ...