TArray64 RangeCheck prints the incorrect error messages for values over 32-bit length

UE - Foundation - Core - Apr 27, 2022

TArray64 RangeCheck prints the incorrect error messages for values over 32 bit. Repro Rate: 4/4 Tested this in //UE4/Release-4.27 @ CL#18319896 and the issue did occur there, it is not a regressi ...

FFieldPath resolution doesn't handle redirection

UE - Foundation - Core - Feb 16, 2022

A licensee has found that redirectors don't apply to FFieldPath. We should integrate it with the following changes:It needs better error handling (looks like it could infinitely recurse),The change ...

Unnamespaced UnrealMathUtility.h macros clash with other headers

UE - Foundation - Core - Jan 25, 2022

Reported here: [Link Removed] > See this commit: > > https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/commit/acd754e12dc9a7ffc7f173c8433a6bafc0262b51#diff-b18d4f9b879748fdacff2caa885b231e8c9e0b899d90d5d ...

Plugin Config filenames need to be different for Engine vs Game plugins

UE - Foundation - Core - Aug 16, 2021

Right now, plugins installed to the game directory will only load plugin-specific config files with the path /Project/Plugins/PluginPath/Config/*Default*PluginName.ini. However, engine plugins will ...

DefaultEditor.ini dirtied when UpdateSingleSectionOfConfigFile is called for an object containing an array property

UE - Foundation - Core - Aug 5, 2021

Closing an AdvancedPreviewScene results in a call to UAssetViewerSettings::Save to save the preview scene settings, regardless of whether or not anything has been modified. This in turn calls Update ...

Untracked Metadata does not work on arrays of soft objects

UE - Foundation - Core - Jul 19, 2021

The "untracked" metadata field turns off tracking of soft object references so they will not appear in the content browser or modify things like cooking rules. It works fine on individual references ...

[Feature Request] Add option preventing double startup for desktop platforms

UE - Foundation - Core - Jun 10, 2021

In release versions of desktop applications, various issues (such as double login) may require implementation to prevent double startup. In order to implement this feature, each developer need to mo ...

Malloc Leak Detection Crashes

UE - Foundation - Core - Apr 22, 2021

Seems a bug in UClass::SetSparseClassDataStruct

UE - Foundation - Core - Mar 25, 2021

The LoadTimeFile argument crashes package at startup

UE - Foundation - Core - Feb 1, 2021