Parameters end up associated with the wrong layer after certain material layer swaps

UE - Rendering - Materials - Mar 6, 2023

The licensee has also provided an explanation as to why this issue occurs + guidance for a potential fix. Please see the UDN for more details. ...

Errors occur when moving duplicated Material Instances

UE - Rendering - Materials - Feb 9, 2023

Licensees have reported that two UMaterialInterfaceEditorOnlyData objects are being created for duplicated assets, causing a name conflict when renaming. ...

Artifact occurs in package build when applying Material Layer with WPO to Opaque material

UE - Rendering - Materials - Dec 15, 2022

An artifact is seen in package builds when an instance with a base material parented by a base material with no WPO output is set to Opaque and a layer with WPO output is used. Since the WPO is igno ...

Custom Node interprets MaterialAttributes inputs as float3

UE - Rendering - Materials - Dec 8, 2022

It seems that the Material Editor's Custom nodes don't handle inputs of type FMaterialAttributes correctly, and instead interpret them as float3. ...

Sky Lights don't effect Translucent materials

UE - Rendering - Materials - Nov 21, 2022

Regression: Tested in UE5/Release-5.0, this issue does not occur so it is a regression Appears to be an issue with Lumen and Skylights with Cubemaps. Directional lights, point lights, etc. all work ...

Crash occurs when a Const Vector 4 and a Screen Position node are passed into a LERP then connected to the Result Node

UE - Rendering - Materials - Oct 13, 2022

Tested in: //UE5/Release-5.1 CL22346211 Crashed with Assertion //UE5/Release-5.0 CL20979098 Crashed with Assertion Crash occurs when a Constant Vector 4 and a Screen Position node are passed into a ...

Material editor crash in 5.0.2

UE - Rendering - Materials - Sep 2, 2022