MoviePipeline: OnExecutorErroredImpl has inverted bError bool usage

UE - Anim - Sequencer - MRQ - Aug 8, 2022

OnExecutorFinishedDelegateNative and OnExecutorFinishedDelegate broadcasting an bFatal into a bSuccess parameter which is inverted. Canceling a render is an error. In general the OnErrored delegate ...

TSR does not seam to work on AMD

UE - Rendering - Aug 8, 2022

[MetaSounds][Wave Player] - Looping sound waves is not sample accurate

UE - Audio - MetaSounds - Aug 8, 2022

When playing the two metronome sounds, it is expected that when the 1bar asset loops, it will stay in time with the 12 bar asset; however, instead phasing begins to occur. This does not occur when ...

Absolute World Position not returning the correct values

UE - Rendering - Materials - Jul 26, 2022

VolumetricFog does not update + creates artefacts in low exposure environments

UE - Rendering - Jul 26, 2022

See licensee video here which shows the issue - [Link Removed] ...

SingleSampleShadowFromStationaryLights does not work in UE5 (when GPU-Scene is used)

UE - Rendering - Shadows - Jul 21, 2022

The flag is not propagated in FPrimitiveSceneShaderData::FPrimitiveSceneShaderData and so is missing in GPU-Scene primitive data. Need to add: .UseSingleSampleShadowFromStationaryLights(Proxy->UseS ...

[Quartz] Play Quantized Crashes When Played On An Audio Component Spawned With 'Persist Across Level Transition'

UE - Audio - Quartz - Jul 15, 2022

There's a crash when "Play Quantized" is used on an Audio Component that was constructed via the functions "Create Sound 2D" or "Spawn Sound 2D" when the option 'Persist Across Level Transitions' is ...