Blueprint actor component properties do not automatically flush dormancy when set

UE - Networking - Aug 8, 2023

UK2Node_VariableSet::ShouldFlushDormancyOnSet only returns true for classes that derive from AActor. This leads to inconsistent behavior, as the owning actor will not have FlushNetDormancy called on ...

[Device Swap] - Assertion failed: AudioStreamInfo.StreamState == EAudioOutputStreamState::Closed [File:D:\build\++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\AudioMixerCore\Private\AudioMixer.cpp]

UE - Audio - Jul 25, 2023

Issue has been seen a couple times internally and closed as No Longer occurring. Looking at Crash Reporter, issue has been seen live a number of times. Looking at user logs, occurs after:LogAudioMi ...

Provide a way for licensees to set a custom class for DataLayerInstanceWithAsset.

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Partition - Jul 25, 2023

Provide a way for licensees to set a custom class for DataLayerInstanceWithAsset. ...

USD Stage Import - Spawned actors by USD importer are not saved in level

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - USD - Jul 20, 2023

we ran into an issue with USD Importer plugin for Unreal 5.2. When you import a USDStage with the "actors" import option - which respawns the newly imported actors into the current level.  However, ...

Some style settings can not be modified on Editor Utility Checkbox widget

UE - Editor - UI Systems - UMG - Jul 18, 2023

Some style settings cannot be modified on the Editor variant of the checkbox widget (EditorUtilityCheckbox). This looks to be related to the style settings applied in FStarshipCoreStyle::SetupCheckb ...

Allow for Chords in the EnhancedInputUserSettings

UE - Gameplay - Input - Jun 23, 2023

Patch missing when importing with CADKernel

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - CAD - Jun 23, 2023

PIE window resizes on launch when using Windows scaling

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Slate - Jun 22, 2023

The user suggested scaling the TitleBarSize in SWindow::GetClientRectInScreen by GetDPIScaleFactor(), which makes sense to me but doesn't seem to solve the issue entirely. ...

Level and Blueprint viewports have different behavior when calling FComponentVisualizerManager::HandleClick

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Jun 22, 2023

User reports a difference in how component visualizer clicks are handled in editor vs blueprint viewports. This is likely not intentional, just a case of a difference in control flow in each viewpor ...

[Audio Synesthesia] - Setting a Synesthesia NRT's settings to None crashes editor

UE - Audio - Nov 7, 2022

Setting an Audio Analysers NRT settings to None crashes the editor. Assertion failed: nullptr != LoudnessSettings [File:D:\SMoyls_UE5_Release-5.1\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\AudioSynesthesia\Source\Audio ...