Selecting multiple actors with differing DataTableHandles causes data loss

Gameplay - Core - Jan 4, 2021

The data table customization (and probably others) tries to aggressively clear out row references that are not valid in the table they point to. This breaks when selecting multiple actors or objects ...

Crash with geometry collection in es3.1 preview

Physics - Destruction - Dec 22, 2020

Crash when enabling HZB occlusion culling

Rendering - Dec 16, 2020

Enabling HZB Occlusion culling results in a reproducible crash. Looks like a community member noticed this back in preview 2: ...

Can not find abstract class in actor class dropdown list in GetAllActorsOfClass node

Gameplay - Blueprint - Dec 15, 2020

The behavior of non-variable class pins has changed in 4.26 where abstract classes like AInfo are being excluded from class pickers for general utility functions like GetAllActorsOfClass. This is no ...

Soft Object Reference Pins can't be reset to None

Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Dec 10, 2020

Soft Object Reference pins on Blueprint nodes can't be reset to None once an object reference has been set.  ...

Converting a function with local variables to an event crashes editor

Gameplay - Blueprint - Dec 9, 2020

When converting a function with a local variable to an event, editor crashes. Issue does not occur in 4.25, therefore a regression. ...

Crashed when selecting a class for a property in BP

Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Dec 5, 2020

Black viewport with artifacting when changing to MSAA with Forward Shading enabled

Rendering - Dec 2, 2020

DID NOT OCCUR IN BP FPS PROJECT - might be ContentExamples specific This issue does not occur when forward shading is disabled. Viewport error reads: TOO MANY OVERLAPPING SHADOWED MOVABLE LIGHTS ...