After creating new material and inputting a texture coordinate node, and connecting with two mask nodes for R and G, then connecting to "Make Float 4" nodes, the values in the Alpha Channel don't match with the other material channels.

Results: Values for Alpha Channel differ from other channels
Expected: Values should be consistent across channels (i.e. the red mask value appended to the red channel should be the same as the one appended to the alpha channel)

Steps to Reproduce
  • Open a new project and create new material.
  • Open the material editor
  • Make a texture coordinate node-connect it to two separate channel mask nodes for R and G values.
  • Repeat the previous step so that the texture coordinate node is now connected to 4 channel mask nodes, 2 for the R channel, and 2 for the G channel.
  • Connect all the values to a "Make Float 4" node
  • Connect the Make Float 4 node to a "Debug Float 4 Values" node

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ComponentUE - Rendering
Affects Versions4.25.3
CreatedOct 6, 2020
UpdatedSep 22, 2022