Can not launch PIE after set the value in color picker window to enter a number from the keyboard. Choose the color value with the picker or close the window with the Cancel button to return to it. 

This issue is that when set a color value from the keyboard, the Editor transaction is still there. 

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open Third Person Example project in editor
  2. Open "ThirdPerson_Jump" (any Anim Sequence) asset
  3. Add "PlaySound" (any Anim Notify) in Anim Notify Track.
  4. Click "Notify Color" in Details panel.
  5. Set value "0.0" in A channel via key input.
  6. Press OK button and close color picker window.
  7. Press Play (PIE) button,

Then can not launch PIE and show an error message "Can't Play In Editor when performing Edit Notify Color operation".


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Won't Fix
ComponentUE - Anim - Runtime
Affects Versions4.25
Target Fix5.0-early access
Main Commit18281077
CreatedOct 23, 2020
ResolvedDec 17, 2020
UpdatedNov 25, 2021