Data validation FAILED due to IWBE_Blutility containing invalid data

Docs - Samples - Jan 11, 2021

4.26[AssetLog] D:\Binary\UE_4.26\Engine\Content\Tutorial\InWorldBlueprintEditing\TutorialAssets\IWBE_Blutility.uasset: Default__IWBE_Blutility_C is not valid. See the MapCheck log messages for detai ...

Spawnable templates can reference other spawnables and their levels in a sequence

Anim - Sequencer - Jan 8, 2021

Spawnable templates can reference other spawnables. These references will be unstable due to the nature of spawnables, and the level reference can lead to unexpected behavior.  ...

DateTime Variable in Sub Widget resets on Compile

Tools - UMG - Jan 7, 2021

When attempting to set the default value of a date time in a sub widget the changes are not kept after compiling. ...

Crash on project startup due to certain Skeletal Mesh being accessed

Anim - Runtime - Jan 6, 2021

If you open the 6 assets that were close unexpectedly it will crashEnemy (Blueprint), Player_BP (Blueprint) and ThirdPersonGameMode (Blueprint) it crashesThe texture and Projectile_Base (Blueprint) ar ...

Ensure in APlayerState::OnRep_bIsInactive may be hit

Networking - Jan 6, 2021

The ensure in APlayerState::OnRep_bIsInactive may be hit due to the player state being replicated before the game state. The check is necessary for making sure the game state is available, but the e ...

LandscapeComponent LodBias doesn't work

Tools - Landscape - Dec 17, 2020

The LOD is not reflected in Shadow when r.ForceLODShadow is set

Rendering - Dec 16, 2020

When I looked into this feature, I noticed that ForceLOD was not set by the code below. Therefore, I confirmed that only Shadow can change LOD by changing as follows.[Link Removed] ...