This issue crashes on exit when playing a other Level Sequence on an Event in a Spawnable Actor. Also this problem doesn't occur in 4.25.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open that reproduced project.
[Link Removed]
2. Play in Editor to play the level sequence (MasterSequence) and play the other sequencer on the spawned actor.
3. Crash at the end of playback.


[2021.02.10-12.39.35:537][492]LogStats: FPlatformStackWalk::StackWalkAndDump - 0.618 s
[2021.02.10-12.39.35:537][492]LogOutputDevice: Error: === Handled ensure: ===
[2021.02.10-12.39.35:537][492]LogOutputDevice: Error:
[2021.02.10-12.39.35:537][492]LogOutputDevice: Error: Ensure condition failed: (ActiveRunners.Num() == 0 || ActiveRunners.Last().bIsReentrancyAllowed) [Link Removed] [Line: 205]
[2021.02.10-12.39.35:537][492]LogOutputDevice: Error: Can't start a new evaluation: the active runner is not in a re-entrancy window.
[2021.02.10-12.39.35:537][492]LogOutputDevice: Error: Stack:

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ComponentUE - Anim - Sequencer
Affects Versions4.26
Target Fix4.26.2
Fix Commit15461263
Release Commit15461263
CreatedFeb 17, 2021
ResolvedFeb 18, 2021
UpdatedNov 29, 2022
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