iPhonePackager code signature not supported by iOS 15

UE - Platform - Mobile - Sep 27, 2021

Crash editor after editing property of TwoBoneIK node

UE - Anim - Rigging - Sep 22, 2021

Crashes after editing properties of TwoBoneIK node. If following the reproduction steps, the binding of NodePropertyDelegateHandle will not be removed, causing illegal access on the second editing. ...

The process may not return to the root node after the Wait Task is completed.

AI - Sep 14, 2021

If the Wait Task is completed for the first frame, it may not return to the root node even after Finish. This can be avoided by increasing the wait time of the Wait Task (see CaseOK.mp4). When this ...

Saving a level with a sequence open can affect a component's velocity

Anim - Sequencer - Sep 13, 2021

It looks like a component will have a velocity calculated and saved when animated by a sequence during a level save.  ...

Pasting timeline components into another actor and then choosing "cancel" on fix self context function references results in a broken state

Gameplay - Sep 13, 2021

upd. Regression was checked on //UE4/Release-4.26 CL 15973114, issue was reproduced. Regression - No ...

Component Created in C++ is destroyed before BeginPlay

UE - Gameplay - Components - Sep 3, 2021

Tracking a potential issue where components in C++ are being "lost" prior to BeginPlay. Renaming the reference variable seems to work around the issue, but the cause is currently unknown/needs more ...

Paused Sounds Do Not Have their Channel Map Updated Properly on Device Swap

UE - Audio - Sep 2, 2021

Swapping between output devices with different channel counts can cause sound corruption for sounds that were paused during the device swap call. More info can be found in the linked UDN, along with ...

When the value of the TMap variable of the child blueprint is changed and compiled, it will restore to the default value of the parent blueprint.

Gameplay - Blueprint - Sep 1, 2021

For TMap variables of type struct created in blueprint, if change the default value in child blueprint and compile, it will restore to the default value of the parent actor. This problem does not o ...

Unused parameters listed as used but "found in none"

UE - Rendering - Aug 30, 2021

In material instances with the parent material depicted in the attached image I expected "Param" to be considered as unused since it's attached to Opacity and it's not used (ie not attached to outpu ...

Integrat PhysX crash fixes

Simulation - Physics - Solver - Aug 24, 2021