When building a simple level using BSPs with materials applied after adding several additive and subtractive BSPs and applying materials, certain materials jitter and distort badly when in the viewport as well as PIE. I was able to build a level that reproduces this issue and I was also able to capture a recording of it, but I do not know exact reproduction steps. I will continue to work on getting proper repro steps, but I wanted to make sure that this bug went in right away.

I have put a copy of the project that I am seeing this issue in on the google drive here:

[Link Removed]

Steps to Reproduce

1. Download project from:

[Link Removed]

2. Open project "Test_Area"
3. Open the level titled "BSP"

Expected. level will display in viewport with no issues.
Actual: Very heavy distortion and jittering on floor material that gets worse as the camera gets closer.

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Won't Fix
CreatedMar 5, 2015
ResolvedAug 18, 2021
UpdatedAug 18, 2021