Overlapping shots will evaluate all shots instead of the topmost one.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a level sequence
  2. Add a shot track to the sequence
  3. Create two more sequences
  4. Animate objects in both that will be apparent when played back in the first sequence
  5. Add both newly created sequences as shots to the first sequence
  6. drag one sequence to a new row on the shot track and have it start before the other sequence finishes (have them overlap)
  7. Scrub to the part where they overlap



Both sequences will evaluate instead of just the topmost one.

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ComponentUE - Anim - Sequencer
Affects Versions4.26.2
Target Fix4.27
Fix Commit16417035
Release Commit16556647
CreatedMay 19, 2021
ResolvedMay 21, 2021
UpdatedDec 1, 2022
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