When adjusting the scroll bar in the Visual Logger window, the editor freezes up. There is no callstack provided in the logs. The only way to close the editor at that point is to close it through the Task Manager. This only occurs when a bvlog file is not loaded.


Tested in //UE4/Release-4.25 @ CL 14469661 and the same behavior occurred so not marking as a Regression.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open any project
  2. Navigate to Window > Developer Tools > Visual Logger
  3. Use scroll wheel on mouse to zoom in on the timeline
  4. Click and drag on the white scroll bar to adjust the timeline


Editor freezes with no crash reporter


Editor does not freeze when adjusting the timeline

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ComponentUE - AI
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.27
Fix Commit14367402
Main Commit14367402
CreatedMay 21, 2021
ResolvedJun 1, 2021
UpdatedApr 22, 2022