This is a regression
Tested in:
//UE4/Release-4.26.2 CL15973114 Binary - Did not reproduced
//UE4/Release-4.27.1 CL17735300 Binary - Reproduced
//UE5/Release-5.0-EarlyAccess CL16682836 Binary - Reproduced

Holding down Shift prevents F from being detected as an input. Doesn't appear to affect any other key bindings.

Similar to [Link Removed]

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a Third Person Template project
  2. Open Project Settings
  3. In Inputs under Bindings expand Action Mappings then add a new input
  4. Name the input ShiftF
  5. Set the Input to Keyboard F then check the box next to Shift
  6. Open the ThirdPersonCharacter BP
  7. In the Event Graph, add a keyboard F input event node
  8. Connect a Print String node to the event then change the text to F
  9. Add the Input Action ShiftF event
  10. Connect a Print String node to the event
  11. Play the game
  12. Press F to print F
  13. Press Shift+F

Actual Results:
No input is detected. "Hello" is not printed to the output nor is "F".

Expected Results:
The text from the Print String node would be displayed in the viewport

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ComponentUE - Gameplay - Input
Affects Versions4.27
Target Fix5.0
CreatedNov 23, 2021
ResolvedDec 15, 2021
UpdatedJan 3, 2022
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