You cannot access the Make MaterialSpriteElement Struc since 4.6 when pulling off a Material Billboard Component Set Array Elem setup.

In 4.5
[Image Removed]

In 4.7.5
[Image Removed]

also reproduced in Main Promotable-CL-2507843

Steps to Reproduce

[Nick] ]It's not an exposed BP type. Should it be?

  1. Open QAGame Editor
  2. Create a New Actor Blueprint
  3. In the Event Graph, add a Material Billboard Component Variable
  4. Pull off the created Variable to Get Elements
  5. Pull off Get Elements to Set Array Elem
  6. Pull off the Set Array Elem Item input

RESULTS: Make MaterialSpriteElement Struc not an option

EXPECTED: Make MaterialSpriteElement Struc is an option

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Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.12
Fix Commit2853929
Main Commit2855709
CreatedApr 16, 2015
ResolvedFeb 3, 2016
UpdatedApr 27, 2018