This is a Regression.

Using an Editor Utility Widget to set properties on materials via Set Editor Property doesn't work in UE5 as it did in UE4.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new Blank project without Starter Content
  2. In the Content Browser create a New Material named M_Test
  3. Right click the material in the content browser then create a Material Instance
  4. Open the Material Instance
  5. In the Details Panel select the drop down next to parent then select Clear
  6. Save then close the Material Instance
  7. In the Content Browser create an Editor Utility Widget(Editor Utilities->Editor Utility Widget)
  8. Open the Editor Utility Widget
  9. From the Palette select a Button then drag it onto the Canvas
  10. Select the Button in the Designer then scroll to the bottom of its Details panel and select the + next to the On Clicked event
  11. Drag off the Event then Create a Set Editor Property node
  12. In the Object drop down select the Material Instance
  13. Change the Property Name from None to Parent
  14. Create a new Variable named ParentRef then set its type to Object(found under Object Types)
  15. Compile ParentRef then set its Default Value to M_Test
  16. Drag in a reference of ParentRef then connect it to the Property Value input pin of the Set Editor Property
  17. Compile, save, and close the Editor Utility Widget
  18. Right click the Editor Utility Widget in the Content Browser then select Run Editor Utility Widget
  19. Click the Button in the new window

Expected Results:
The parent property of the Material Instance is set to M_Test

Actual Results:
The parent property is unchanged and a warning in the output log appears

Warning: Script Msg: Property 'Parent' (ObjectProperty) on '/Game/M_Test_Inst.M_Test_Inst' (MaterialInstanceConstant) tried to set from a property value of the incorrect type (ObjectProperty)

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ComponentUE - Gameplay - Blueprint
Affects Versions5.0
CreatedFeb 18, 2022
ResolvedFeb 18, 2022
UpdatedFeb 28, 2023