Changes in Scale are not replicated on the Client through RPCs. Location and Rotation are replicated as expected.

Reproduced in 4.7.6 binary and Main (//depot/UE4/Promotable-CL-2522625)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a new Third Person template project
2. Create a new Actor Blueprint
3. Add a Static Mesh component and assign it a Static Mesh
4. In the Class Defaults, set Replicates and Replicate Movement to True
5. Open the ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprint
6. Custom Event > Spawn Actor From Class (previously created Actor Blueprint)
7. Make Transform with Scale 4x, 4y, 4z > Spawn Transform
8. Set the Custom Event to Run on Server
9. Right Mouse Button > call Custom Event
10. Compile/Save
11. PIE with clients set to 2
12. Click the RMB on the Client

The Actor Blueprint is spawned on the Client with Scale of 1, 1, 1, and on the Server with 4, 4, 4.

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ComponentUE - Networking
Affects Versions4.7.64.8
Target Fix4.9
Fix Commit2540428
CreatedApr 27, 2015
ResolvedMay 7, 2015
UpdatedApr 27, 2018