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This issue was reproduced in //UE5/Release-5.1 at CL 23058290.

This is confirmed to not be a regression since the error also occurs on the previous live version. This is regression tested on //UE5/Release-5.0 at CL 20979098.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Have another user with Perforce access to assist with this test.
  2. Have a Perforce server and depot where one may make changes to files for testing.
  3. After setting up the workspace, have the other user lock one of the assets in the Perforce workspace (this is all the other user has to do for this test).
  4. Open the project associated with the workspace in the Unreal Editor.
  5. On the bottom right of the editor where it says Source Control, click it and select Connect to Source Control.
  6. Select Perforce in the Provider dropdown and fill in the necessary information.
  7. Click the Accept Settings button.
  8. Search for the asset that the other user locked and attempt to delete it.

Actual Result: The locked file disappears from the content browser and the following warning appears in the output log:

Warning: SCC failed to open '[Path to locked asset file]' for deletion.

The locked file will reappear after reloading the Editor.

Expected Result: The editor should give a popup warning when trying to delete a locked file, blocking the action unless the file is unlocked from source control. The editor should only remove the file if it is actually safe or possible to do so.

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CreatedNov 23, 2022
UpdatedDec 5, 2022