Reproduced about 6 times from 9 attempts. Regression TBD.

Steps to Reproduce

In the content browser

  • Create a valid media source with a video
  • Create a media player with media texture
  • from the media texture create a material
  • put a plane in the world outliner an apply the created material on it
  • Click the +Add button and search for MediaSound component
  • assign it to your media player

In the level blueprint:

  • in the class defaults of the level blueprint set auto receive input from player 0
  • create a var of type media player and set its value to the created media player
  • drag the media player var in the event graph, from it create a "open source" function
  • on the function set the created media source
  • connect the execution pin with event begin play event
  • create event for pressing D (or any key you want) on the keyboard
  • drag the media player var in the graph and search "Seek"
  • at the seek function split the time pin and set seconds to 5
  • connect the exec pin of the keyboard event with the seek function

PIE, wait for longer than 5 seconds, then repeatedly press the Input Key

Actual Result: Video will occasionally freeze on the frame it was on, while audio plays correctly. Once audio reaches the frame, video resumes

Expected Result: Video should always play after Seeking

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Won't Fix
ComponentMedia Framework
Affects Versions5.1
Target Fix5.2
CreatedNov 29, 2022
ResolvedJan 3, 2023
UpdatedJan 6, 2023
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