When a widget's flow preference is set to RTL, we adjust the render transform so that the horizontal transform is mirrored (see SWidget::GetRenderTransformWithRespectToFlowDirection). We should do the same with the shear setting as well. Shear is folded into the render transform via ToSlateRenderTransform at the UWidget level, so the SWidget will have to do some additional work to separate out the different transformations that are applied and mirror the shear horizontally.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a horizontal box with several square image widgets
  2. Adjust the shear on the render transform so that the squares render as rhombi
  3. Set the horizontal box's flow preference to RTL
  4. Note that while other transform settings are mirrored, shear is not

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ComponentUE - Editor - UI Systems - UMG
Affects Versions5.05.1
CreatedDec 13, 2022
UpdatedDec 15, 2023
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