Reproduced 3/3 times, issue also occurs in //UE5/Release-5.0 - CL 20979098 Binary. Confirmed NOT a Regression.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create an empty project.
  2. Create an empty level.
  3. Add an empty actor.
  4. Add Box Collision to the actor above, check ‘Simulate Physics’, set ‘Angular Damping’ & 'Linear Damping' to ‘0.0’, uncheck ‘Enable Gravity’, uncheck ‘Hide in game’.
  5. Add ‘AddForce’ node to OnTick event and apply 15.0 on X-axis as velocity, print linear velocity vector length.
    1. On Play, you'll see the Velocity stuttering
  6. On the BeginPlay event, add 6.99 degrees angular impulse as velocity on the X-axis of the Box Collision Component.
    1. On Play, you'll see the cube slightly turning, then stopping, and Velocity continuing to stutter
  7. Change the angular impulse to 7
    1. On Play, the cube will rotate and velocity will steadily increase

Actual Result: The behaviors described in 5.1 & 6.1

Expected Result: Rigid Body should be able to handle small increments without issue.

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ComponentUE - Simulation - Physics - Solver
Affects Versions5.1
Target Fix5.5
CreatedJan 3, 2023
UpdatedFeb 27, 2024
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