"Find in Blueprints" does not turn up results when searching a GameplayAttribute by name, even when there is a GameplayEffect blueprint that has a modifier for that GameplayAttribute.

This is because Find in Blueprints only searches for node-based variable references and blueprint-added variables. Variable references that are present in the default properties of a blueprint are not indexed right now. One use case where this is important is in renaming native variables like gameplay attributes, there's no good way to find all the assets that might be affected without loading every single asset. This is not technically a blueprint-specific issues as the same problem is true for Data Assets and custom assets, but users often try to use Find in Blueprints to do this because it sounds like it should be possible.

Expected: "Find in Blueprints" shows a result when searching for a GameplayAttribute by its name and that attribute is modified by a GameplayEffect.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Download the attached project and open it in UE 5.1.0
  • Open the GameplayEffect blueprint GE_MyGameplayEffect
  • Observe that there is a Modifier for the attribute "MyTestAttribute" defined in C++ class UMyAttributeSet.
  • Open a Find in Blueprints window, Tools > Find in Blueprints
  • Search for MyTestAttribute
  • Observe that it finds no results.

Expected: It finds the modifier in GE_MyGameplayEffect.

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ComponentUE - Gameplay
Affects Versions5.05.1
CreatedJan 4, 2023
UpdatedMay 3, 2024
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