If a bsp brush is deleted from a level, the level has geometry built, and the user presses play then uses the "show collision" console command, the collision for the bsp wlil still appear. This does not affect gameplay and does not produce actual collision.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open Editor (any project)
2. Place bsp sphere in level (Modes>Placement mode>BSP>Sphere)
3. Delete sphere
4. Build Geometry (Build>Build Geometry)
5. Press PIE
6. Press ~
7. Type Show Collision, press enter


Collision for sphere appears in level where sphere was placed.


Collision for objects still in level appear, the sphere is no longer present.

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ComponentUE - LD & Modeling - Modeling Tools - BSP
Affects Versions4.8.14.9
Target Fix4.10
Fix Commit2625640
Release Commit2715979
CreatedJun 30, 2015
ResolvedJul 20, 2015
UpdatedApr 27, 2018
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