A user has found that there are a few lines of code inside of shooter game that references a folder that does not exist. The lines of code below are the lines of code that reference images in an image folder that does not exist.

The following code can be found in ShooterStyle.cpp:

TSharedRef< FSlateStyleSet > FShooterStyle::Create()
TSharedRef<FSlateStyleSet> StyleRef = FSlateGameResources::New(FShooterStyle::GetStyleSetName(), "/Game/UI/Styles", "/Game/UI/Styles");
FSlateStyleSet& Style = StyleRef.Get();

// Load the speaker icon to be used for displaying when a user is talking
Style.Set("ShooterGame.Speaker", new IMAGE_BRUSH("Images/SoundCue_SpeakerIcon", FVector2D(32, 32)));

// The border image used to draw the replay timeline bar
Style.Set("ShooterGame.ReplayTimelineBorder", new BOX_BRUSH("Images/ReplayTimeline", FMargin(3.0f / 8.0f)));

// The border image used to draw the replay timeline bar
Style.Set("ShooterGame.ReplayTimelineIndicator", new IMAGE_BRUSH("Images/ReplayTimelineIndicator", FVector2D(4.0f, 26.0f)));

// The image used to draw the replay pause button
Style.Set("ShooterGame.ReplayPauseIcon", new IMAGE_BRUSH("Images/ReplayPause", FVector2D(32.0f, 32.0f)));
Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open ShooterGame solution in visual studio
  2. Open ShooterStyle.cpp
  3. Near the top of the code you will see the code mentioned in the description
  4. Notice that the code references an "images" folder that does not exist within the project

Expected: "images" folder would be present or this would point to a folder that does exist
Result: The code points to a folder that does not exist

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Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.9
Fix Commit2618208
CreatedJul 8, 2015
ResolvedJul 13, 2015
UpdatedApr 27, 2018