Tried every combination of LOD Selection Type, Nanite enanbled/disabled, the only way it would seem to get the full number of triangles from the source mesh into the merged mesh is to disable Nanite on the static mesh asset itself.

This issue does not occur if you perform a similar operation using Geometry Script.

See project attached at Additional Info URL

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Bring a high resolution Nanite mesh into your scene (could be a Quixel Megascan, anything in the Nanite range will do)
  2. Open Tools -> Merge Actors
  3. Expand Nanite Settings in the Merge Settings panel, and check the Enabled checkbox
  4. Click "Merge Actors" and save the new mesh into the root of your content folder
  5. Drag the newly merged mesh into your scene
  6. Switch to the Wireframe viewmode, and compare the density of triangles
  7. Additionally, open the two static mesh assets and compared the number of Nanite Triangles. They should match, but do not currently.

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CreatedMay 19, 2023
UpdatedFeb 13, 2024
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