LinkedAnimGraph is not restored at the end of an AnimationSection with ForceCustomMode enabled. There is a problem with the order in which custom mode ends and anim instances are restored, and LinkedAnimGraphs are not set for the restored instances.

Steps to Reproduce

[Repro Steps]

  1. Open the ThirdPerson template.
  2. Create TemplateAnimBP, place InputPoseA, InputPoseB and Blend to connect to Output Pose.
  3. Create a NewAnimBP, place a Walk anim and a Run anim, connect them to the InPose of the TemplateAnimBP respectively, and connect them to the OutputPose.
  4. Create a LevelSequencer by placing a NewAnimBP on the level.
  5. Create an Animation section in LevelSequencer and set Idle anim, enable ForceCustomMode.
  6. Press Speace key to connect LevelSequencer to play in level blueprint
  7. Play in editor.
  8. Press Space key to play LevelSequencer.

Before the sequencer is played, the Walk and Run blend animations are played, but after the sequencer is played, only the Walk anim is played.


[Repro based on the sample asset]

  1. Add the attached ABPLink under the Content directory of the ThirdPerson project.
  2. Run ABPLinkTest.umap in PIE.
  3. Press [Space] key to play the sequencer.
  4. After the sequencer finishes, animation does not match the animation before the sequencer was played.

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CreatedJun 16, 2023
UpdatedJun 20, 2023