Physics Constraint doesn't hold if one Component is used for constraint

User Description:

Hello, I recently updated the project from 4.7.6 to 4.8.2 and the physics constraint don't seem to work any more.

I'm using a constraint with linear velocity drive to act as a spring, holding a platform from falling. It worked fine in 4.7.6, however after upgrading the platforms falls with no sign of ever slowing down - same settings, same everything.

I tried to fiddle with the parameters but I just can't seem to be able to make the constraint work. It shows the blue like attaching the two bodies but it just doesn't constrain anything.

Please help, it's rather important I get this bug fixed.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Download, unzip, and open the attached test project in 4.7.6
2. PIE
3. The Physics Constraint will hold
4. Convert the project to either 4.8.2 or Main
5. PIE again

Results: The Physics Constraint not longer holds and the mesh falls to the floor

Expected: For the Physics Constrant to hold and the Linear Motor to be taken into account

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ComponentUE - Simulation - Physics
Affects Versions4.8.24.9
Target Fix4.9
Fix Commit2630778
Release Commit2636960
CreatedJul 22, 2015
ResolvedJul 23, 2015
UpdatedApr 27, 2018
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