It seems to be more intuitive if the component is selected on the Details Panel when activating a ComponentVisualizer in the Level Editor viewport. This is what happens in the Blueprint Editor’s Component list and viewport.


This would also avoid losing the selection state after manually selecting the same component in the Details Panel, which feels like a bug.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Create a new Actor Blueprint Class containing a SplineComponent.
  • Place an Actor of this class in the current level and select the second spline point (not on the origin).
  • The actor is selected when doing this, but the component is not, which is probably undesirable.
  • Click on the component in the Details Panel. The previous selection state is lost, which feels like a bug.

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-191851 in the post.

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By Design
ComponentUE - Editor - Workflow Systems
Affects Versions5.15.2
CreatedAug 2, 2023
ResolvedSep 12, 2023
UpdatedJan 20, 2024
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