ABrush::SupportsExternalPackaging overrides the base implementation of  AActor::SupportsExternalPackaging which returns false for transient actors, but it doesn't call super. As a result, transient subclasses of ABrush like ADefaultPhysicsVolume return true even if they have the RF_Transient or CLASS_Transient flags. 

Steps to Reproduce
  • Create an empty project
  • Add an empty level (e.g. TestLevel) and save it
  • Close Editor
  • Run WorldPartitionConvertCommandlet
    • -run=WorldPartitionConvertCommandlet TestLevel.umap -ConversionSuffix -AllowCommandletRendering
    • Will create 3 External Actor files for
      • WorldDataLayers
      • WorldPartitionMiniMap
      • DefaultPhysicsVolume (Transient)
  • Run DataValidationCommandlet
    • -Unattended -run=DataValidation
    • Observe error for failure to load an external package, this package was the one created for a transient ADefaultPhysicsVolume
      • LogLevel: Error: Failed to load Actor for External Actor Package /Game/ExternalActors/TestLevel_WP/****

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CreatedAug 29, 2023
UpdatedFeb 13, 2024
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