Print String does not print to the viewport screen from the Construction Script, even if Print to Screen is enabled in the Print String node.

Reproduced in 4.7.6 binary, 4.9 Preview 3, and Main (//depot/UE4/Promotable-CL-2649225)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open any project
2. Create a new Actor Blueprint
3. In the Construction Script, add a Print String
4. Drag the BP into the level
5. Move the BP Actor around the level

The Print String only prints to the Output Log and not the Viewport

The Print String prints to the Viewport while Print to Viewport is enabled (enabled by default)

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Cannot Reproduce
ComponentUE - Gameplay - Blueprint
Affects Versions4.
CreatedAug 11, 2015
ResolvedFeb 1, 2017
UpdatedJul 14, 2021