Running with `r.AsyncPipelineCompile=0` causes the issue not to happen.

It fails to open about 4 times out of 5. No such problem in development build., it always succeeds.

We noticed that if we delete a Projectname_PCD3D_SM6.upipelinecache file from the appdata folder, then we can start the app without problem until the problem start happening again after a while.

After that, I have checked the ShaderPipelineCache.cpp file and added some breakpoints for the tick function. From what I see, the CurrentCacheTask variable is valid and ticking, but never gets finished [Image Removed]. The "if (!bHasActiveCacheTask || bHasCurrentCacheTaskCompleted )" line returns false, ReadyForAutoSave() returns false, GetShaderPipelineCacheSaveBoundPSOLog() also false, it keeps ticking the CurrentCacheTask.

CurrentCacheTask has bOpened false, bReady true.


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ComponentUE - Rendering Architecture - RHI
Affects Versions5.3
Target Fix5.5
CreatedNov 27, 2023
UpdatedMay 22, 2024
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