After a take record within multi-user has completed recording, and with Toggle Multi User Take Recorder Sync enabled, any other control boxes with the ICVFX window open to UV view will flash with the material of each node output. This only happens inside the ICVFX window. Also, when a take record has started or completed recording, our render boxes have the possibility of hitching. Both of these issues only happen while Toggle Multi-User Take Recorder Sync is enabled. If it is disabled, neither issue persists.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Launch a project with an Ndisplay config in multiuser on 2 control boxes (one designated to record and one designated not to record) with at least one render box connected to the session. The Ndisplay config should have one camera controlling a frustum, with that camera animated to spin slowly in a circle so hitching can easily be detected.
  2. Open the ICVFX window to your active Ndisplay config on the non-recording control box.
  3. Add your Ndisplay config, animated camera, and all other assets necessary to maintain the hierarchy of your Ndisplay config and camera to the list of assets recorded by the take recorder.
  4. Navigate to the MultiUser Client Record Settings and uncheck Record on Client and Transact Sources for all render nodes.
  5. Check on Record on Client and check off Transact Sources for the recording control box and the inverse for the non-recording control box.
  6. Set up genlock and timecode for your recording box.
  7. Enable "Toggle Multi-User Take Recorder Sync" on the recording control box.
  8. Begin a take record, then end the recording.

Expected Results: The ICVFX Editor window will flash with the ndisplay outputs' materials on the non-recording box and the render nodes will visually stutter. The render nodes may also stutter at the start of the take recording session.

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ComponentUE - Virtual Production - Tools - Multi-user
Affects Versions5.3.2
Target Fix5.5
Fix Commit33943035
CreatedFeb 10, 2024
ResolvedMay 28, 2024
UpdatedMay 29, 2024
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