Importing the fbx uses the default settings, which aren't accessed through scripting, so they cannot be changed. To circumvent this 
MovieSceneToolHelpers::ImportFBXIfReady caches the defaults, and then sets them to the values passed in through scripting. It however does not copy over bReplaceTransformTrack.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a python script the creates a unreal.MovieSceneUserImportFBXSettings(), and set replace_transform_track to false on it.
  2. Import an FBX with an actor transform onto an existing binding with an existing transform track and section using import_level_sequence_fbx and the import settings from #1
  3. Verify that the original transform section is still intact


The original section will be missing

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ComponentUE - Anim - Sequencer
Affects Versions5.3
Target Fix5.5
Fix Commit31663388
Main Commit31666881
CreatedFeb 16, 2024
ResolvedFeb 21, 2024
UpdatedApr 10, 2024
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