After creating a matinee actor and adding a camera group, I lock the camera group. Then I go back to the viewport and select a mesh in the scene. Pressing F to frame that object closes the editor without crash logs.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create new project
  2. Using the Minimal Default Level, Create a Matinee Actor
  3. In Matinee create a camera group
  4. Press the camera icon to lock the camera group
  5. Go back to viewport. You can leave matinee open for this
  6. Select the table or any other mesh in the scene
  7. Press F to Frame
  8. Observe closing of the editor without giving a crash log

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Affects Versions4.9
Target Fix4.10
Fix Commit2672168
Release Commit2716006
CreatedSep 4, 2015
ResolvedOct 9, 2015
UpdatedJul 14, 2016