User's content is here: "P:\temp\"

"If you start up the game or go into the content, the issue is on Track One, on the first bend on the right. Also be careful with the sprint button as it isn't working properly at the moment (but I know how to fix that!)"

User report:

The two pieces of pavement there are the exact same material and exact same mesh, but different results on the texture itself.

The strange thing is if I move the "good texture" mesh to where the "bad texture mesh" is, suddenly the good one stops working and starts appearing incorrectly as well.

It is almost as if the area of the level is making the textures appear incorrectly.

Any ideas what is going on here?

Have tried different materials, different meshes and always get the same results. A couple of locations on the map just will not display the texture correctly.

Also changed the UV channel from 0 to 1, not entirely sure why but it didn't help in any case.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Link to user project:
[Link Removed]

Player start can be moved to this location to see an issue:
X -17583.162109 Y 1030.367432 Z 19.127014

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ComponentPlatform - Mobile
Affects Versions4.8
Target Fix4.10
Fix Commit2694891
Release Commit2703853
CreatedSep 8, 2015
ResolvedSep 17, 2015
UpdatedSep 16, 2019