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SelectActorsUsingThisAsset doesn't select actors that are referenced by an array and using a Scene component as root

User Description:

I have a BP with editable actor references array. Recently I noticed that option "Select Actors Using This Asset" doesn't work for actors listed in this array. Simple as that, but it can be quite misleading and make this option almost useless in my current project.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open the attached project
2. Locate the 'FirstPersonCube_Rounded' in the Content Browser
3. Right-click that asset > Asset Actions > SelectActorsUsingThisAsset

Results: All of the actors that use that asset will be selected except for the one actor that is referenced by the 'BP_Array_1' actor

Expected: For all actors to that use the asset to be selected

Full steps to repro from scratch (if needed):

1. Create a project, I chose FPS template without Starter Content.
2. Create Actor based BP, let's name it "BP_Array_1".
3. Inside BP_Array_1 create an array of actor references (in Variables). Let's name it "Actor References Array".
4. Still inside BP_Array_1, make sure this array is Editable.
5. Create new Actor based BP, let's name it "BP_Box_1".
6. In the Construction Script of BP_Box_1 add node Add Static Mesh Component.
7. Still inside BP_Box_1, create Scene component (you don't need to replace the root with it, just create it). I discovered today this step is critical to experience this issue!
8. Still inside BP_Box_1, create Static Mesh reference variable and make it editable.
9. Still inside BP_Box_1, add node Set Static Mesh in Construction Script. Set output of Add Static Mesh Component from step 6 into Target and Static Mesh variable from step 8 into New Mesh.
10. Place a few instances of BP_Box_1 in the level and set their Static Mesh variable to any SM you want. I chose 1M_Cube (from Geometry/Meshes in FPS template without Starter Content).
11. Place one BP_Array_1 in the level and setting its array elements choose a part of placed BP_Box_1 instances.
12. Now find 1M_Cube (or any other SM you used) in Content Browser and use "Select Actors Using This Asset" option on it. Actors chosen in step 11 won't be selected. The BP_Array_1 will be selected instead.

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