If you add Static Mesh (cube) in this Level Sequence and click on it in Sequencer, you can observe the Spline Path that the cube is following is changing its shape when keys in Sequencer are zoomed in or out.

Also found in Release-5.4 CL 32347737

Steps to Reproduce

1. Download the licensee’s attached test project and open
2. Open the map /Game/Map.umap
3. Open Level Sequence /Game/NewLevelSequence.uasset
4. Hover over one of the CineCameraActor Keys on Transform Track
5. Zoom in or out using Ctrl + mouse wheel up / down on the Sequencer
6. Observe Static Mesh (cube) jittering, randomly changing position

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ComponentUE - Anim - Sequencer
Affects Versions5.
CreatedMar 22, 2024
ResolvedMar 27, 2024
UpdatedApr 2, 2024