This issue is related to [Link Removed] (which was fixed). However if the user creates a new actor and then adds a static mesh they can end up with permanent holes in their nav mesh. If the user toggles "Can Ever Affect Navigation" off after the static mesh has already made a hole then the hole will not go away.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open a new project
  2. Create an actor blueprint
  3. Add a static mesh component
  4. Assign a mesh to the static mesh component
  5. Save and compile
  6. Go to Show and turn on Navigation
  7. Add a Nav mesh bounds volume to the level
  8. Place the actor in the level so that it makes a hole in the nav mesh
  9. Open the new actor blueprint
  10. Set "Can Ever Affect Navigation" to false in the details panel
  11. Move the actor around in the viewport
  12. Notice that the hole in the nav mesh never goes away (even after rebuilding paths)

Expected: The hole where the static mesh was would go away once the static mesh could no longer affect the nav mesh
Result: The Nav mesh is left with a permanent hole

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ComponentUE - AI
Affects Versions4.9
Target Fix4.11
Fix Commit2782473
Main Commit2787214
CreatedSep 15, 2015
ResolvedNov 29, 2015
UpdatedApr 27, 2018