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Duplicate of UE-21647


After generating a new Slot node in the AnimGraph of the AnimBlueprint, creating a new Slot Group and subsequent Slot for that group results in the new slot being assigned to the Default group after the project is saved and closed.

This is not how it worked in previous versions of the Engine.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Created a new/empty 4.9.1 project: Third Person Blueprint
2. Open AnimBlueprint
3. Created a Slot in the AnimGraph and connect the StateMachine to Slot to Final Animation Pose
4. Select Slot and opened the Slot Manager
5. Create new Slot Group= "TestGroup"
6. Create new Slot under Slot Group = "TestSlot"
7. Select "TestGroup.TestSlot"
8. Compile
9. Save and close
10. Reopened Project, AnimBlueprint/AnimGraph
RESULT: While the node says "TestGroup.TestSlot," in the details panel it is listed as "DefaultGroup.TestSlot."

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ComponentOLD - Anim
Affects Versions4.9.1
Target Fix4.12
Fix Commit2803387
Main Commit2807179
CreatedSep 16, 2015
ResolvedJan 25, 2016
UpdatedMay 18, 2020