Here is a work around :

#include "binkplugin_ue4.h"
UObject* UBinkMediaPlayerFactory::FactoryCreateBinary( UClass* Class, UObject* InParent, FName Name, EObjectFlags Flags, UObject* Context, const TCHAR* Type, const uint8*& Buffer, const uint8* BufferEnd, FFeedbackContext* Warn ) 
   UBinkMediaPlayer* MediaPlayer = NewObject<UBinkMediaPlayer>(InParent, Class, Name, Flags);
#if 1
   // This workaround is based on FBinkMediaPlayerCustomization::HandleUrlPickerPathPicked.
   if (CurrentFilename.IsEmpty() || CurrentFilename.StartsWith(TEXT("./")) || CurrentFilename.Contains(TEXT("://")))
      FString FullUrl = FPaths::ConvertRelativePathToFull(CurrentFilename);
      const FString FullGameContentDir = FPaths::ConvertRelativePathToFull(BINKCONTENTPATH);
      if (FullUrl.StartsWith(FullGameContentDir))
         FPaths::MakePathRelativeTo(FullUrl, *FullGameContentDir);
         FullUrl = FString(TEXT("./")) + FullUrl;
   // original code
   return MediaPlayer;
Steps to Reproduce
  1. Enable BinkMedia plugin
  2. Place a bk2 video file in /Content/Movie folder
  3. Editor detects bk2 video file and a prompt dialog appears
  4. Press Import
  5. Open the created asset


Since the path is saved as full absolute path, File or Url property is marked as warning.

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ComponentRAD - Bink Video
Affects Versions5.4
Target Fix5.5
CreatedMay 27, 2024
ResolvedJun 7, 2024
UpdatedJun 19, 2024
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