Constraint Actor to Rig with Editor Utility Widget is working for the first time adding to the Sequencer.
However if it was deleted and added to Sequencer again, run Scripted Actor Action shows Errors in the Output log, showing that Constraint were not added.

It appears that the error occurs because UTransformableControlHandle::GetBoundComponent() returns nullptr for the second error case. In the first case, it returns a valid skeletal mesh component.

This was also tested on CL 34066942 in UE5_Main and the launcher version on 5.3.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Download the Licensee's test project and open
2. Create new Level Sequence and open
3. Select Control Rig from Content browser:/Game/prop_ue_rig_CtrlRig.uasset
4. Drag and drop “prop_ue_rig_CtrlRig” to the new Level Sequence
5. Select “Prop UE Rig” from Sequencer
6. In Outliner right click on “Prop UE Rig” > Scripted Actor Actions > Constraint Selected Actor to Rig
7. Open Output log and observe Script run with no errors
8. Delete “Prop UE Rig” actor from Sequencer
9. Select “prop_ue_rig_CtrlRig” from Content Browser and add it to the new Level Sequence again
10. In Outliner right click again on “Prop UE Rig” > Scripted Actor Actions > Constraint Selected Actor to Rig
11. Open Output Log and Observe errors:
LogTemp: Error: FTransformConstraintUtils::AddConst error adding constraint
LogControlRig: Error: AddConstraint: Constraint not added

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ComponentUE - Anim - Rigging
Affects Versions5.45.55.3
Target Fix5.5
CreatedJun 5, 2024
UpdatedJun 13, 2024
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