We think that the reason users are having problems with svn on mac is that the platform implementation of ExecProcess waits until the process has shut down before any data is read off the pipe. This may well lead to the pipe becoming full, and the slave process refusing to add anything else on until the host process frees it up.

We should change this to constantly read from the pipe:

[Link Removed]

From MarkS:
"I’d use NSFileHandle’s NSFileHandleAsynchronousAccess protocol and have the pipes read data continuously using readToEndOfFileInBackgroundAndNotify and/or the readability block."

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ComponentUE - Platform - Apple
Target Fix4.11
Fix Commit2819048
Main Commit2819197
Release Commit2819048
CreatedNov 27, 2015
ResolvedJan 7, 2016
UpdatedJan 31, 2018