Users are experiencing an issue where the color picker is opening half or more off screen. This is particular bad for users who only have one monitor. It is most prevalent in a UMG Widget BP, but can be reproduced in any of the sub-editors of the engine when the color picking element is selected on the rightmost edge of the screen.

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Update ChrisW:
I have old Epic Friday code that will fix this. It pops tool windows like color pickers out from a new type of anchor and lets you see exactly what the picker is controlling rather than it being a floating child window.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open a New Blank Project with No Starter Content
    (Ensure that the Project is limited to the right screen, if you are using two monitors)
  2. Create a New Widget Blueprint
  3. In the Widget Blueprint, add a button
  4. In the Button's detail panel, click on the Color and Opacity under Apperance

RESULTS: Color Picker appears half off screen, the cancel button is not visible.

EXPECTED: Color PIcker appears fully on screen

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Cannot Reproduce
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.13
CreatedDec 15, 2015
ResolvedJun 1, 2016
UpdatedSep 29, 2017
Pull Requests
2087 - MWadstein