As the title suggests, whenever you add a Sound Cue or Wave to a level and set it's 'Falloff Distance' to 0.0 the sound will no long play.

I have attached a project to provide a simple regression test. The project was made in 4.10.2 where the issue does not occur, but if you open a copy of the project in the preview release you can reproduce the issue.

The user mentions that setting the value to any number above 0 will correct the issue....i.e. Falloff Distance to .001

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open attached project.
2. Press play and move forward into the Sound Wave's radius.
3. Notice the Sound plays as expected.
4. Open a copy of the project in 4.11 preview 2
5. Repeat step 2.

Expected - Sound plays when entering the radius.

Outcome - Sound does not play when entering radius.

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ComponentUE - Audio
Affects Versions4.11
Target Fix4.11
Fix Commit2837090
Main Commit2855709
Release Commit2837090
CreatedJan 13, 2016
ResolvedFeb 4, 2016
UpdatedApr 27, 2018
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